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9 Reasons Your Business Should Be In The Cloud

Cloud computing has seen a phenomenal rise in popularity over the past few years, and it's here to stay. Here are 9 reasons why cloud computing can take you to Cloud 9!

1. Gone are the days of the 9 to 5, Today's businesses are 24/7, and always moving. The cloud allows access to your systems from anywhere on the planet, at any time, via the internet using PCs, tablets or smartphones. With cloud computing, the world is your office!

2. The cloud encourages collaboration amongst a workforce no matter what size. Employees in different locations can access the same files in real time - no more waiting for email responses - it's like sitting in the same room!

3. Cloud computing levels the playing field. Small to medium sized companies can experience all the benefits of "big business" infrastructure without the expense and resources required to manage it in house.

4. The cloud is incredibly cost effective. With no expensive servers to buy or maintain, your IT operating costs can decrease dramatically.

5. The cloud offers limitless scalability. Business needs change significantly over time, and you can scale useage up or down to suit you. Won a huge project or experienced an unforseen increase in workload? The cloud allows you to increase the volume of work without impacting system performance.

6. Cloud computing allows you to really focus on your business. As the cloud is managed for you, it allows you to apply your resources to your business priorities, rather than your IT infrastructure.

7. The cloud is more secure than traditional IT infrastructure. Cloud providers utilise multiple layers of the most up to date, comprehensive security available to keep your data safe.

8. The cloud also takes care of business continuity in the case of unavoidable issues such as natural disasters, loss of laptops, hardware etc. As everything is stored securely in the cloud, any loss or downtime is minimised.

9. Finally, switching to the cloud is simple. A straightforward transfer. No hardware or software to install, no training - just increased efficiency, cost savings, and the ability to grow your business like never before.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us here at Firswood Solutions and see what the cloud can do for you!


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