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Bespoke Business Databases

Business Software - Tailored To Fit Your Business

If you’re thinking about getting a database to help you to run and grow your business then you've probably been looking for ways to improve and streamline the way you operate.

You may have been looking around for an off the shelf product but can't find one that exactly suits your needs. Maybe when you take a closer look it doesn't do what you need it to, or it’s over budget.

It’s a time consuming process and can be confusing and a lot of work!

Why compromise?

The logical answer is to build your own bespoke database that will do exactly what you need it to do to run and grow your business effectively. This can be a more direct route to what you need!

If you cannot find what you are looking for as a cost effective pre-built system then we offer a full bespoke software development service. From initial consultation, we work with you to look at your existing systems and can design and build a database that will fit your business like a glove. We will also assist in making effective design solutions so that you are only building elements of the system that you need. 

Firswood Solutions will guide you through the whole process. We will assist you in analysing your existing systems and help you to identify and design exactly what you need for your business database.

We can then get to work in building it for you using the latest professional and robust database and software development technologies!

You will get regular progress updates of the development and once complete you will receive a full demonstration so that you can start using the system straight away. After an initial test period you will be ready to go live with your new database and start running your business the right way, with software designed specifically for your needs.

We can even import your data to get you up and running even sooner.

Our projects are developed to work on a cloud server so you don't need to have any servers to run the system from. If you would prefer to host the system yourself on an internal server then that deployment can be arranged too. It's entirely up to you!

We will guide you through the stages of the software development process:

- Initial Analysis

- Consultation

- Ball Park System Quotation

- System Design Specification

- System Development 

- Quality Assurance Testing

- User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Does this sound like the right path for you?

Do you have any questions? Call us today and we would be happy to help!

Call 0161 881 1139 (North West UK, Manchester) 

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